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14 September 2009

Revised slightly: 26 January 2011

This is the WordPress home domain of Tonigobe: Professed noob translator, insane editor, and former occasional scanner of mangas, who, secretly disguised as Clark Kent… oh wait… that’s a secret… dammit!

Anyhow, the following is a rehash from my Thumblogger blog, but nonetheless sums up what I do:

Thank you for visiting. This is the Hentai site of translated works by me, Tonigobe. It’s not fancy, but it works… for now. If I ever get around to translating/editing more non-hentai mangas, I’ll have more to post on my non-hentai blog.

About translating…
I started translating on the notion that “I can do that!”

After (ahem) years of being a fan of anime and manga, one day I realized I was able to recognize the kanji (Hiragana) of “arigatou.” This spurned me to teach myself Japanese in a fun way: Translating the mangas I have always enjoyed. Thus, I dusted off a program I rarely used (JQuickTrans), bought 3 different English-Japanese pocket-book dictionaries, fired up various search engines, took out my magic 8-ball, and set off to decipher Japanese sentences one kanji at a time.

The first fruit of my labor was “Ore ha Otouto janai” (I’m Not Your Younger Brother) by Fuyunaga. (See One Shots page and scroll down to the very 1st entry)

A true labor of love. During the translation, I had one incident where it took nearly 3 hours just to figure out one complex kanji! In fact, I loved the artwork and the short story so much (the ending made me laugh), I even colored some of the pages!

Oh. And that’s another “I can do that” moment: Discovering how to effectively color the pages with Photoshop 5… with a mouse, no less!! (No, I didn’t have a pen-tablet at the time.)

A few translated H-mangas later, here we are: My new home base to rant and post some of my favorite artists and their works… in English!

Considering that I rely heavily on translation software, I am in no way an expert translator; but I am learning and hopefully getting better as I go. It is my passion is to learn and discover new things.

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