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About Takeru’s Letter To Sumika (Revisiting Muv-Luv Unlimited, Volume 4)


I’m making this page because a Muv-Luv fan named Fernando basically asked the same thing that another Muv-Luv fan named Shinichi had asked.

Way back in September 2012, Shinichi inquired about the letter that Takeru wrote to Sumika, which was featured Volume 4, page 109 of Muv-Luv Unlimited.UNLIMITED04e_109 text only

That particular page had Sumika’s image blocking some of the text, so Shinichi asked if I could provide a full view of the letter.
(See image on left)

Anyway, here’s my response to Shinichi:

Attached is that page as typeset without Sumika. (See image on right)

Keep in mind, when translating from the Japanese version, I had to guess what was being written; since much of the Japanese text was hidden, too. So, much of what I have are fragmented or incomplete sentences based on what I can make out from the Japanese text. In order to make the English text cover about the same amount of space as the Japanese text (especially towards the bottom of the letter), I took much liberty and made up the sentences based on what little I had to go by; still, hopefully, I managed to capture the sentiments expressed by Takeru. ^_^;;

Hope this helps.

And just in case I goofed on the image upload and people can’t read the text from the image file, the text of the letter reads as follows.

Whether I’m still having a dream, or if this my own new reality,
even now I sometimes think about this
In this world, I’m finding that
the proof of my past existence is…
However, still, there are unfulfilled….
taking life into my own hands and unable to protect…
from a very dangerous thing like…
The game guy was suddenly broken…
my whereabouts has been settled on…
At any rate, I already have no idea anymore about
To see that world is something that
Well, in this world, I want to protect
With the exception of my own self, there is someone who I admire and I want to protect.
That’s why, I am already・・・・・・
・・・・・・Sorry for being ambiguous
I will write this straightforwardly. I have fallen in love with another person.
Although this may be a surprise to you. After all, how could all this could have happened.
If it’s for her sake, I would do anything
Surely, my resolve is something that I
Your world is something that I can barely taste anymore…
I’m worn out remembering the words, that’s why and Surely
However, you will always be someone I will never forget, and you’re somewhere I long to be.
As my childhood friend, you will always have a special place. After all, you are
my good friend, and my first love, and my special someone…
I can only wish this wasn’t a joke, but I am here in this place and I am no longer where you are.
Instead, I am left to here to write this, and cope with the fact that I can no longer touch you.
Goodbye, my Sumika
Goodbye, my dearest friend
Goodbye, my love

For Fernando and for anyone else who is curious, I hope this helps. ^_^

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