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Koe De Oshigoto! FAQ

Q: Will You Please Not #$%^@ Censor Koe De Oshigoto?!

This is a question that a few people, ‘though not a lot, have asked, more or less… albeit in a kinder way, more or less, than I would have you think. The two most recent queries were by hitomi.koneko and s3rius. Just so I don’t end up having repeat myself the next time around, I’ll just rehash and expand on what I wrote to hitomi.koneko.

No, the replacing a letter of all the bad words isn’t necessarily necessary; it just happens to be an editorial judgment on my part. Yeah, I can un-censor the naughty words; and in fact, if I was up to it, I can feasibly un-censor the images, too… but, alas, I won’t. And here’s my reasoning…

If you think about it, the censorship in this manga actually provides a beautiful, ironic, and humorous aspect to it, whether originally intended by the author or not. (Chapter 10 provides a fine example of this.) That beauty, irony, and humor would be lost if I treated it like any mature manga out there. As one can tell by following this story, this manga is quite unique and special, and I intend to treat it so.

Now, since I only omit one letter from each censored word, I trust that most English readers can discern what the censored words are. For those who can’t discern right away, I trust that they have the faculty to eventually figure it out.

I’ve made the following comment before regarding a different subject matter, I’ll say it again here: I trust the intelligence and capability of the my readers.

But in any case, if the censoring bothers anyone that much, please check Manga Updates for the other group’s version.

As time goes on, I may edit this some more. But, for now, I think this response will suffice.

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