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Welcome To My Non-Hentai Blog! ^_^

…Uhm… That’s all I really wanted to say here for now….  Please feel free to read the latest post….

4 comments to Welcome To My Non-Hentai Blog! ^_^

  • AcroRay

    Good luck with the new blog/site! Hoping to see more MUV LUV here soon!

  • Congrats on the new site. I’ll be awaiting the next Koe de Oshigoto!

  • I have been looking for the translator of Koe de Oshigoto! ever since i started it, because I loved it so much and have been looking for a way help out. I was wondering if you would consider having me help you with it. I love anime and manga, and I really would love to do be able to make manga enjoyable for other people who can’t read japanese like me. I want to learn how to read and write Japanese, and i would like to know if you would show me the ropes to editing raws into readable pieces.

    • tonigobe

      Thanks for your interest in Koe de Oshigoto! and for taking time to visit my blog. ^/\^ Actually, you can learn a lot about editing raws by searching the internet. There are already a number of wonderful sites out there that have useful information. As for learning Japanese, I’ve always been upfront in telling people, I do these free scanslations as a means of teaching myself to read Japanese, myself; so, I don’t think I would be the best teacher at that. But, I can at least provide you info that helped me get started. If you’re over 18 and you can stomach the adult stuff, my hentai blog has links on the right-hand side under “Translators’ Corner” and “Editors’ Corner”. You can find information there. If you’re honest and under 18, and/or don’t care to be tainted by the adult stuff, please feel free to email me at my Hotmail address: tonigobe@hotmail.com. I’ll be happy to send you the info that way. Also, if you have any additional questions, you can email me, and I’ll try my best to (politely ^_^;;) answer you.

      PS. If you do email me, put Koe De Oshigoto! as the Subject. I’m sometimes slow in answering, because I do have a normal life of work and family now and then; or I may inadvertently erase your email if it’s sent to the JUNK mail folder. In any event, feel free to email me again, if you I don’t respond in a week. ^_^;;

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