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Koe De Oshigoto! Soundbites, plus Pokemon Commission

KDOS – Chapter 14 Soundbites


Dammit! Magikarp9 and Anonymous got me curious! (It’s both your fault!) πŸ˜‰

If you’re wondering about those KDOS soundbites that are being promoted in light of the upcoming “dorama CD”, don’t wonder no more, ‘coz I went ahead and downloaded them. You can get them here. http://www.mediafire.com/?c3wvy3muju5qecj

(I originally was gonna give the Comic Gum site links, but what the hell…)

The soundbites correspond to the pages from chapter 14, as shown above. (That’s file nos. 22, 24, and 25)

Thanks to Anonymous for the link to that bar code reading site. (Very interesting!) Note to Anonymous: The codes for Despair Works’ scans work, BTW; perhaps you didn’t “cut off” or “crop” the codes properly before submitting them?

Enjoy the very short but cute soundbites! ^_^

COMMISSION: Pokemon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!


No. It’s not hentai. But it is something for Pokemon fans out there. Many thanks to Pinheadchains for the commission. ^_^

These are 2 miscellaneous chapters of the manga series “Get Pokemon!” Or more officially, “Pokemon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. Romaji: “Pokemon Getto Da Ze!” Japanese: “γƒγ‚±γƒ’γƒ³γ€€γ‚²γƒƒγƒˆγ€€γ γœοΌ”

These two stories feature the Pokemon, Lugia. You can find more info on this manga series at Dogasu’s Backpack and, of course, Manga Updates. ^_^

The raw files were awful, but as a standard practice, I did clean it up some.

Initially, I wasn’t planning on torrenting this, but since I’m a day late in posting this (I wanted to post this last night!), I changed me mind. I won’t be posting it to MangaHelpers, ‘tho, ‘coz it’s not a series I’m working on nor do I have any immediate intention to.

Anyhow, please enjoy. ^_^

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6 comments to Koe De Oshigoto! Soundbites, plus Pokemon Commission

  • Stephen

    Hey, do you have any idea where I can find out more about Konno Azure? And do you know if he's done anything other than Koe de Oshigoto?

    Keep up the great work =) You're fantastic.

  • Tonigobe

    Sorry for the delayed response, Stephen. I must've missed my notification when you posted your comment. πŸ™ Thank you, BTW. πŸ™‚

    To answer your question (though you may have found the answer to this already): AFAIK, prior to KDOS, Konno Azure has done hentai stories, which have been collected in 2 tankoubons. One of those tankoubons was a scanslation I recently completed, "Puberty Crazies." The other, I can't recall the title off-hand.

  • Stephen

    Thanks, I appreciate it =)

  • Anonymous

    hi Tonigobe!can u please reupl KDOS chap 14 soundbites?
    i had just caught up at this series…lol

  • Tonigobe

    @Anonymous: Revised post. New link provided! πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    darn,thanks man! =3

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