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Yes, Virginia…There is still a Tonigobe


This summer has been über hectic…not that I drive with über or anything like that. It’s the same old same old: Über busy with work and family and work and more work. FRUSTRATED-2 photo computer.gif (And I’ll prolly end up working tomorrow, too!) At least it’s not as stressful as the previous summer or so.

I was hoping to finish a number of projects before my October vacation–primarily Haken no Muuko-san and Koe De Oshigoto!— but at this rate, I’ll be lucky if I can get at least one chapter each in. If I can swing it, I’ll be posting Chapter 18 of Muuko-san tomorrow, and Chapter 53 of KDOs next week.

What about Muv-Luv Alternative!?! Since I’ll be having a month-long vacation this time around, I’ll be taking my laptop and be working on the script for Muv-Luv Alternative all next month (sans certain family reunion functions), and hopefully start working on the editing when I get back–kinda like what I did with my last vacation, some years ago. If all goes well, I hope to have a new chapter for Volume 5 around the first week of November…along with the final chapter of Muuko-san and Chapter 54 of KDOs.

That’s all the rant for now. I’m actually fighting a headache here. I better hit the sack and let the aspirins kick in. Goodnight, y’all. Nemu1 photo sleeps.gif

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2 comments to Yes, Virginia…There is still a Tonigobe

  • Madnacc

    I’m glad that you’re still doing…fine ? Well, that you’re not dead at least xD
    I was even thinking about trying to contact you to see if things are still in progress but decided against it. It felt like I’d be a bother and/or an annoyance. Especially since I can’t really offer my help with anything due to inexperience ._.

    So take your time, enjoy your life, and don’t overwork yourself. I can only speak for myself but I can be very patient and if I have to wait a few days, weeks or even months to get new releases from you in exchange for you being healthy and all, that’s a good trade-off, isn’t it ?

    Hang in there o.o/)


    • A belated thanks, Madnacc. And thanks, as always, for taking the time to visit. I’m always honored. ^/\^ Hope you approve of the latest chapter of KDOS. I have the final chapter and postscript “prepped” and I’ll be working on the script of final chapter during my vacation, along with Muv-Luv Alternative, so hopefully editing will be a breeze when I get back. Please look forward to it! ^_^

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