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Valkyria Chronicles 2: Aliasse Of The Blue Light Vol.02, Ch.08

Hot Spring and Hurtful Memories

After a long work day, the brain’s too tired to translate or edit. But I will post another post tonight before I hit the sack.

Following Waver‘s lead and post on Batoto, tonight, I bring you Chapter 8 of VC2-AOTBL. In this chapter, we visit Magari’s hometown and learn about her painful past.

Batoto Note: Actually, at the time of this post, Waver posted on Batoto that he uploaded Chapter 8. But the chapter itself hasn’t shown up on my end of the world yet. So if you’re like me and do not see it available, yet, please be a patient. It should show up eventually. ^_^;;

As always, many, many, many thanks to Waver for this commission. ^/\^

Please enjoy!

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