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Valkyria Chronicles 2: Aliasse Of The Blue Light Vol.02, Ch.06

Lanseal Under Attack!

This was one of the major projects I was working on late last year. It’s volume 2 of VC2 AOTBL. (Even the abbreviation is long!) This whole project was commissioned by Waver, who entrusted me to not only translate and edit, but scan as well… Not that he hired me to scan, but I insisted that I do it. The end result is perhaps the best scanning/cleaning I’ve ever done.

One of these days years, I’ll prolly write a little something about the scanning of this project, because the resolution was extremely higher than I had ever tried before, even higher than the final version I present tonight. But enough about that!

Following Waver’s post on Batoto the other night, tonight I present Chapter 6, from Volume 2 of Valkyria Chronicles 2: Aliasse of the Blue Light – Volume 2. I hope to present future chapters immediately following Waver’s lead. In this chapter, the Rebels surprise attack Lanseal, and Aliasse has to use her Valkyrian powers to protect the people.

Many, many, many thanks to Waver for commissioning me. This was an incredibly fun project to work on…aside from trying to put together the “split pages,” like the one presented here on the right. (More about that later.)

One final note: In light of translating Volume 2, I made some major revisions to Volume 1. Links provided below.


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