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Koe De Oshigoto! – Take 1

Complete Tankoubon! CH01-06! Revised and Re-edited!

Merry belated Christmas, ‘all.

I’ve been pretty busy with family, work, friends, work, family, and work… not to mention family and work and more work. I even ended up working for a few hours on Christmas Day. *sigh* Things have been way too hectic these past number of weeks for me to upload, torrent and post. I still managed to squeeze in a commission or two, but with family around, it has been difficult to do much hentai stuff, if anything. But, now that Christmas has passed and things have seemed to slowed down a little, I hope to start catching up on my posting this week!

And so, today, I bring you Volume 1 of Koe De Oshigoto! This is a re-edited, revised, and hopefully, more definitive version using the tankoubon scans, as provided by c_k from MangaHelpers. Just let me know if I missed a typo or three.


This version took a bit of work re-editing: Some of the images for the tankoubon scans were cropped terribly by the publisher (IMHO), which irked the heck out of me (for some stupid reason!), and there was much detail missing in between the split pages; but whoever scanned them did a decent job overall so I can’t complain too much; but still, I ended up reworking some of the images using the previous Comic Gum scans to fill in any missing image data. Anyhow, it became pretty much a labor of love, ‘coz I wanted this manga to look good and read good, and this version took a bit longer to work on than I had anticipated. (Nothing new there. Hardly anything ever goes as anticipated!)

But, now that it’s done, please enjoy revisiting a revised and re-edited rendition of KDOS. I’m already looking forward to getting the chance to rework the chapters for volume 2!


A Nanoha commission (hentai blog only) and more non-hentai Ichigo Mashimaro (and maybe one or two other things that escapes me at the moment), which I’ll be posting in the next 2, 3, days or 4.

I’m also in the middle of translating/editing chapter 28 and I recently scanned up to chapter 31. So KDOS fans, please have a bit more patience. ^/^

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2 comments to Koe De Oshigoto! – Take 1

  • Shinzantetsu

    I don’t know if you get thanked often enough for all of your work on Koe De Oshigoto, but I would personally like to say thank you very much. It’s one of the few series that makes me laugh out loud when I read it. I hope the new year treats you well and thanks again.

  • bones

    yes thanks for all the work you do on this story!it’s very appreciated and also don’t worry about taking too long or anything ,you always do an a great job and we don’t mind waitin because we know it’s gonna be quality and just the fact that you do this is plenty already!so again,thanks!

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