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Atelier Escha & Logy-Alchemists of the Dusk Sky – Volume 1

Complete Tankoubon

This is the first volume of a fun, 2-volume project commissioned by Waver.

Learning our lesson from his last project, Waver didn’t want to post it to Batoto until it was perfect. He notified me that it was live on Batoto a few days ago. I finally have some time to post on my blog about it tonight. ^_^;;

Based on the RPG by Gust, the manga is by Chako Abeno. Manga Updates also has a better synopsis than I could ever give, so please check that out!

I wasn’t familiar with this or the other related video games by Gust, but if you want to, you can find more info about this and the other Gust series via the WIKIs.

Enjoy Volume 1.

Coming Soon…Muv-Luv Alternative, Volume 7, Chapter 38

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Valkyria Chronicles 2: Aliasse Of The Blue Light Vol.02, Ch.06

Lanseal Under Attack!

This was one of the major projects I was working on late last year. It’s volume 2 of VC2 AOTBL. (Even the abbreviation is long!) This whole project was commissioned by Waver, who entrusted me to not only translate and edit, but scan as well… Not that he hired me to scan, but I insisted that I do it. The end result is perhaps the best scanning/cleaning I’ve ever done.

One of these days years, I’ll prolly write a little something about the scanning of this project, because the resolution was extremely higher than I had ever tried before, even higher than the final version I present tonight. But enough about that!

Following Waver’s post on Batoto the other night, tonight I present Chapter 6, from Volume 2 of Valkyria Chronicles 2: Aliasse of the Blue Light – Volume 2. I hope to present future chapters immediately following Waver’s lead. In this chapter, the Rebels surprise attack Lanseal, and Aliasse has to use her Valkyrian powers to protect the people.

Many, many, many thanks to Waver for commissioning me. This was an incredibly fun project to work on…aside from trying to put together the “split pages,” like the one presented here on the right. (More about that later.)

One final note: In light of translating Volume 2, I made some major revisions to Volume 1. Links provided below.


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Valkyria Chronicles 2 – Aliasse Of The Blue Light V01 — Complete!

Complete Manga!

If you have recently visited Batoto, you may have noticed that Waver initially posted Chapters 3 & 4 a couple of weeks ago or so, and the rest of the manga the following week. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to keep up with him. ^_^;;

Nevertheless, here we are. The complete volume 1 of Aliasse of the Blue Light. Commissioned by Waver. Scanning by Waver and me.

Many thanks to Waver for this commission. ^/\^

I hope to start scanning and prepping Volume 2 this week.

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Valkyria Chronicles 2: Aliasse Of The Blue Light – Volume 1, Chapter 00-02

PROLOGUE, Chapters 1 and 2

I first made a post about the Prologue for this manga almost a year ago, and I actually completed the final translating and editing in October. Somewhere in between, I also took over the scanning, too. I’ve been waiting for Waver, the commissioner, to find a venue where he can post comfortably before posting any other chapters, so I wouldn’t steal his thunder. ^_^ He tried posting on MangaFox, but was disappointed with them. And after much ado, he re-discovered Batoto.

And now, here I am posting about it today!

Tonight…err…In the wee hours of this morning, I present you the Prologue, plus Chapters 1 and 2 of Valkyria Chronicles 2 – Aliasse of The Blue Light, Volume 1, by Daisuke Shido. Commissioned and initially scanned by Waver.

I’m including the Prologue again, since it’s been a while.

Many thanks to Waver for this commission. ^/\^

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[Disco Atomic] Historic Grammar

A Non-Hentai One Piece Doujinshi

This is the 2nd, and longer, of 2 commissions by Lyteral that I finished a while back: A non-hentai One Piece doujinshi featuring stories of Baroque Works characters. Prominently featured are the team of Mr. 3 and Miss Golden Week–so there is a lolicon theme, among others, in this manga.

Still, if you’re a One Piece fan, I hope you’ll find this enjoyable and interesting as I have.

Many thanks to Lyteral for this commission.

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A Non-hentai Naruto Doujinshi Commission

This is a fun Shika-Ino fanbook, commissioned by Lyteral. Raws cleaned by Sokarius. It’s very much a shoujo manga: So expect mushy romantic stuff and very minor gay themes.

Many thanks to Lyteral for this commission and Sokarius for the cleaning.

Coming Soon

Koe De Oshigoto! – Chapter 27. Yeah it’s been a while. Hope to post some time this weekend.

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Koe De Oshigoto! Soundbites, plus Pokemon Commission

KDOS – Chapter 14 Soundbites


Dammit! Magikarp9 and Anonymous got me curious! (It’s both your fault!) 😉

If you’re wondering about those KDOS soundbites that are being promoted in light of the upcoming “dorama CD”, don’t wonder no more, ‘coz I went ahead and downloaded them. You can get them here. http://www.mediafire.com/?c3wvy3muju5qecj

(I originally was gonna give the Comic Gum site links, but what the hell…)

The soundbites correspond to the pages from chapter 14, as shown above. (That’s file nos. 22, 24, and 25)

Thanks to Anonymous for the link to that bar code reading site. (Very interesting!) Note to Anonymous: The codes for Despair Works’ scans work, BTW; perhaps you didn’t “cut off” or “crop” the codes properly before submitting them?

Enjoy the very short but cute soundbites! ^_^

COMMISSION: Pokemon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!


No. It’s not hentai. But it is something for Pokemon fans out there. Many thanks to Pinheadchains for the commission. ^_^

These are 2 miscellaneous chapters of the manga series “Get Pokemon!” Or more officially, “Pokemon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All”. Romaji: “Pokemon Getto Da Ze!” Japanese: “ポケモン ゲット だぜ!”

These two stories feature the Pokemon, Lugia. You can find more info on this manga series at Dogasu’s Backpack and, of course, Manga Updates. ^_^

The raw files were awful, but as a standard practice, I did clean it up some.

Initially, I wasn’t planning on torrenting this, but since I’m a day late in posting this (I wanted to post this last night!), I changed me mind. I won’t be posting it to MangaHelpers, ‘tho, ‘coz it’s not a series I’m working on nor do I have any immediate intention to.

Anyhow, please enjoy. ^_^

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